The lack of memory in both politicians and the people

By these days, we are in full preparation for the election of the next, or maybe the current president of the Republic of Colombia. As we all know, while being in this season, all politicians are active and speak with anyone they find on their way.

In many cases, they take the opportunity to go places where people live in a fragile environment because of the lack of money and things like that. As there are politicians who exploit this phenomenon to give a sort of vote buying, giving away: food, clothing, etc… These people who are «grateful» sell their votes.

Although we are just in time for the election of representatives, I just wrote what is already happening, an interesting time for both parties,

robos de politicos

politicians and the needy.

Well, let’s suppose this representative is elected and finally makes it to the wanted place of president of Colombia, and now what’s up?, as we all know, nothing outside the normal.

Surely once in a while they will make a promise come true and that’s it, their pockets will continue getting full at the expense of the poor, who after all were those who made possible his election.

As I see it, being a politician causes a disease, memory loss, how is it possible to take away from those who have almost nothing, the little they have?, A big mistake, and the worst of all is that us,the People, have the same problem, but even worse, and regardless of past events, we support this bunch of opportunists and thieves.

I do not generalize, but this applies to the vast majority, although on reflection, the politicians actually do something related to politics, what they do is to create new measures to fill their pockets or sink our country more and more, doing agreements with groups or individuals who break the law.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.