The most affected in the crisis between Colombia and Venezuela

As it has already been shown to us in some of our principal media, unemployment in Colombia will increase dramatically by the crisis we are having with Venezuela, because of course the Colombians who live in that place will return to their homeland, either by safety or to avoid potential problems.

A crisis of this kind not only creates problems for the two presidents also hurts Colombians and Venezuelans because employment, sales, chavez-uribeexports and even investment have fallen dramatically causing a considerable blow to the economy of both countries.

In the case of Colombia, Cúcuta border and landmarks are the worst affected in this case, and surely many people are on the line due to the losses caused by a conflict that both nations could avoid.

Let’s hope one of the two presidents either Álvaro Uribe or Hugo Chavez reconsider everything that has happened with this senseless conflict and come to a conclusion that benefits both nations and especially all people who are struggling to survive.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.