The tortures made in Iraq by American soldiers are shown to the public

The Americans are always high on the lists if we’re talking about war or imperialism, and this reputacion they have is deserved by far, whenever something happens some misfits from this country use their «opportunity» to make others suffer.
These days it came to the public view a number of photos with people who were tortured by the army sent by the U.S.,and Obama, current president of this country, is trying to avoid the spreading ofthem, obviously they do not want to face this with the world, but unfortunately for this president and his people they couldn’t look worse.


First the president sends a troop of his army to a country called Iraq, which was virtually subjected to defeat by American forces,missiles were fired killing civilians, and everything was hidden behind «The fight against terrorism» , if this were true, he should commit suicide.

as we all know 2 aircraft destroyed the basis of commercial trade in the world but, although for many it is very strange since just after the attack, the U.S. launched an attack against Iraq, and after it the oil reserves in this country mysteriously increased.

Although the country of Iraq was fully exposed to the American army, the soldiers took advantage and did banditry acts against civilians, raping women, torturing people and generally hurting innocent people.

And despite all the American leaders come to public trying to avoid the publication of the nearly 2000 photos that show the cruelty, trying to prevent them to be shown in front of people. According to them, these photographs would provoke a new wave of Anti-Americanism in the Muslim world, which obviously they do not want, because in times of crisis all international relations worth.

Rulers like them definitely don’t worth, they mas face the mistakes, and make its soldiers pay dearly, taking an alleged revenge against someone who has done nothing to deserve a supreme punishment (not death but something to make them suffer as well). With this we can see how things works around the world and hopefully one day all such acts committed by the USA will be paid.


Hi my name is Steven Pineda and I am who writes for you in english.